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Abode sink work-centres and mixertaps have been created for people who want the perfect blend of design, performance and sheer quality in the kitchen. Each and every exacting detail of an abode sink serves a purpose, and every form performs a function beautifully. At the heart of every creation is the requirement to balance utility and versatility with pure un-adulterated style.

Abode sink and mixertap designs are created to work together in harmony, integrating to offer a combined logic, enhanced performance and simplicity of form. To aid this process, Abode have created the unique 'Kitchen Sync' programme  to help you visualise the available sink and tap combinations at www.abode.eu/sync.

Central to all Abode designs is the precisionand art of the craftsman. Exacting attention to detail and carefully controlled manufacturing ensure that your new product will exude a refined quality and serve you well.

The Kitchen Sink Company stock and distribute the full range of Abode Sinks and Taps.

Abode sink range -


Matrix CR25, Tydal


Aspekt, Zero

Stainless Steel

Matrix R0, Matrix R25, Matrix R50, Apex, Arka, Kode, Logik, Maxim, Metrik, Prizm, Theorem

Abode Warranty

In the unlikely event that you should experience any defect in the materials or workmanship of your new

Abode sink within 10 years of purchase

Abode mixertap within 5 years of purchase

the purchaser's sole remedy shall be the replacement (at the manufacturer's discretion) of all or any part of the product that is defective. For taps, all working parts and valves are guaranteed for a period of 2 years from purchase. Decorative surface finishes and o-rings are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase provided that our advice concerning care has been observed and no scouring agents have been used. Stainless steel surface finishes are guaranteed for 3 years from date of purchase. This is provided that the sink, mixer or tap has been used for normal domestic purposes in the UK and that th

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The Kitchen Sink Company stock and distribute a wide selection of high quality sinks and taps in the UK. We stock Belfast, French Farmhouse, stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron and composite sinks and they are available as single bowl, double bowl, with and without drainers, inset or undermounted as well as accessories, replacement wastes, plumbing kits and waste disposal units. We also stock a range of monoblock, bridge and deck mixer taps in traditional or contemporary designs in a range of finishes plus hot water taps, water filter taps and tap accessories.