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InSinkErator manufacture food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps. At the touch of a button, food waste is dealt with hygienically and instantly - rather than leaving it in a bin to encourage smells, bacteria and insects. InSinkErator food waste disposers don't just offer practical, contemporary convenience; they provide an environmentally sound answer to the growing problem of food waste.

The food waste disposer is a simply must-have appliance for the modern kitchen. A waste disposer from InSinkErator doesn’t just offer practical, contemporary convenience; it provides an environmentally responsible answer to the growing problem of food waste.

This is food waste disposal made easy. Fitted easily and discreetly under the sink, a waste disposer effortlessly grinds food waste into tiny particles that are automatically flushed away down a standard kitchen drain into the local waste treatment system or a septic tank.

Simply turn on your cold tap, put the food scraps into your sink and feed them into the InSinkErator flange that replaces your normal plughole. Turn on the waste disposer and at the touch of a button the food waste is ground down and flushed away, quickly quietly and efficiently.

Just about any food waste you can think of – including meat bones – is dealt with by the waste disposer in seconds. The Evolution 200 can deal with ALL food waste.

Safety isn’t a problem – the grind ring that does the work so efficiently is safe and there are no blades.

You clean up on every level. You save time dealing with messy, smelly food waste. You save the hassle of filling and emptying pedal bins and dustbins. And you do your bit for the environment.

With its unobtrusive, compact design, a waste disposer is installed easily and can be fitted to most sinks. All that’s needed is standard plumbing and a power source nearby!

InSinkErator Food Waste Disposers

Model 45, Model 55, Model 65, Evolution 100, Evolution 200

InSinkErator Hot Water Taps

HC1100, GN1100

InSinkErator Guarantee

6 years    Evolution 200

5 years    Evolution 100

4 years    Model 65

3 years    Model 55

2 years    Model 45

                Hot Steaming Water Taps

The Kitchen Sink Company stock and distribute the full range of InSinkErator food waste disposers and hot steaming water taps.

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