Synchronist 1.25 Bowl Large Composite Reversible Sink – Abode

SKU: AW3180 White AW3181 Grey AW3182 Black AX1142 Trio Pack


A sleek and innovative sink meticulously crafted for compact solutions. Redefining the compact notion, this sink offers space-saving brilliance with a larger fill to brim bowl capacity than its counterpart, ushering in a world of culinary creativity.

Tailor your experience with flexible 2-in-1 installation, inset or undermount, and an array of accessories allow for versatile efficiency. Featuring an integrated smart rail that allows our extensive range of accessories to move seamlessly, stay organised, and offer superlative functionality.

Not forgetting the details, the sleek flush plate overflow located within the rinse bowl maximises space further and allows you to pour liquids away with ease plus, the stylish and clever orbit waste adds the perfect finishing touch.

Crafted in a stunning Matt Black finish, Synchronist marries elegance with durability, ensuring a lasting upgrade to your culinary space.

Maximise your workflow, liberate precious worktop space and transforming your kitchen into an efficient haven which sees everyday tasks become a breeze. Synchronist has been designed to be your silent kitchen partner.

Also available in Matt White, Black and Metallic Grey.

All accessories are tailored to fit System Sync perfectly and are stackable to further optimise space. Accessory Trio not included available to order separately AX1142 £189.00

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