Classic SWICH (soft water areas) for filtering tap water in Matt Black finish- Abode

SKU: AT2106


For the first time, you are not restricted to the style of tap you can have in your kitchen, or the need for unsightly separate dispenser or jugs for filtered water. The addition of the award winning Swich water filter diverter will allow you to simply and quickly convert any kitchen tap to supply filtered water, improving the overall taste, appearance and quality of your drinking water without needing to compromise on style.

The AT2106 has a classic filter which, is more suitable for soft water areas.

Polyphosphate is a crystal like additive widely used across the food and water treatment industry.

In normal use, the glass like 2-4mm polyphosphate crystal spheres in the filter cartridge will very slowly dissolve into the incoming water supply to a very weak concentration, once the water is treated the phosphate and silicate forms a microscopic protective layer coating onto metallic surfaces.

This microscopic layer brings two main advantages:

  • Scale in the water will find it harder to stick to the metal surfaces (such as sinks, kettles and pans) therefore reducing the need for descaling and saving energy use. It is important to note that polyphosphate does not remove scale from the water.
  • The thin protective layer helps to protect metal surfaces from corrosion found in soft water conditions.

As the crystals dissolve, the effect of them is reduced, once completely dissolved the filter cartridge will require replacement.

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