Industria 3 N 1 Pronteau Hot Water Tap – Abode

SKU: PT1197


Overflowing with both industrial inspiration, British design and leading engineering, the Pronteau Industria is here to revolutionise your kitchen. This dramatic design combines both international and industrial influences, complete with two bespoke finishes. Featuring distinctive diamond knurled detailing that adorns both the spout and handles, making this tap truly unique and exquisite all whilst delivering hot water on demand – and in style.

Get the perfect hot drink With all our hot water products, you can set the boiler to temperature’s between 80 and 98 degrees allowing you to dispense water at the optimum temperature for your needs. Streamline the kitchen Free up worktop and fridge space of kettles and filter jugs for clutter-free worktops and that extra fridge space that we often find ourselves needing.

Reduce water wastage As there is no need to fill the kettle every time a hot drink is made or a pan is to be filled, you will find that water and energy wastage in the household is reduced.
Improve the taste of hot drinks whilst protecting your boiler. All Pronteau products are supplied with a filter. This filter has an important role as it maintains the long-term health of your boiler, preventing excessive limescale build up. Secondly, achieve great tasting hot drinks every time as the filter will improve the taste of your water and prevent the scum that you sometimes find on hot drinks.

Never worry about safety, as the use of hot water taps increase, they are proving to be much safer than using the kettle in the kitchen. The range of Pronteau hot water taps feature a two-stage safety handle to dispense the steaming hot water. The spout is also cool to the touch thanks to the centrally insulated spout which means the water at the end of the spout is hotter but the outside surface remains cool and safe to the touch, especially needed to protect little hands.

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