Pronteau Project 3 part Mixer Tap 4n1 Chrome – Abode

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< The pronteau 4n1 project 3 part mixer tap in chrome, providing Instant Steaming, Instant Filtered cold water, everyday cold and hot water. All the Pronteau 4n1 products are now fitted with our new ProBoil.4E, an exclusive boiler design that can hold an incredible 4 Litres, meaning you’ll have plenty of steaming hot, filtered water ‘on tap’. It may boast big volume, but it comes in a compact size, meaning it can fit neatly in the cupboard under the sink, even those kitchens with a Belfast sink! With great power, comes great responsibility and when it comes to designing hot water taps, your safety is one our utmost concerns. Many of the taps in our 4 IN 1 Pronteau collection use our patented HotKey® technology, giving you controlled access to instant hot water whilst being able to store out of reach of little hands when not in use. Additionally, every tap has an insulated spout that ensures the outside the tap consistently remains cool. Not only is our Hotkey a great safety mechanism, but it was also designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’ve got dexterity issues, arthritis or hands covered in oil due to cooking an incredible pasta dish, no matter what, you’ll always be able to operate the instant hot water function easily and safely. By switching to a filtered, hot water tap you can time, energy, and space for the more important things in day-to-day life. Not only that, but as there is no longer the need to continually fill the kettle or buy single use plastic bottled water, you will soon discover that water, energy and time wastage in your home is reduced in a multitude of ways. By opting for an Abode filter product, you’re already doing your bit to help contribute to a greener environment – so thank you! Now, thanks to our Filter Recycle Scheme, we can help you that little bit more by giving you the peace of mind that your filter will also be recycled, repurposed, and given a new lease of life. We’ll do our bit, helping you to do your bit: simply send your filter back to us and we’ll take of the rest. Always Here When You Need Us

At any point during your buying journey, whether it is simply enquiring, purchasing or post installation, – we’re always available for any questions or concerns you may have. We are supported by our in-house Pronteau customer experience team and network of on the road engineers across the UK to ensure your experience with Abode is of the highest standard.

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