Swich – Round Handle with High Resin Filter in Beech Wood – Abode

SKU: AT2202


Small Swich’s make for big differences.

Through one small ‘Swich’, you are now able to convert any tap, old or new to deliver fresh and filtered water whenever you need it. Our new Swich wood is crafted entirely from FSC approved materials and expands upon our current range, providing a natural look and feel to your kitchen whilst giving you the ability to reduce your reliance on single use plastics.

Now, we know that tackling the ever-growing environmental crisis can seem like a daunting task, but we believe that lots of small actions can allow for big changes. By choosing the Abode Swich, you can help be part of the solution to the plastic pollution as one of our Swich filters can provide you with the equivalent of 8000 1L single use plastic bottles, not only will you be doing your bit for the planet but you’ll also save money.

What’s more, by ‘Swiching’, you will improve the overall taste, appearance, and quality of your drinking water without needing to compromise on style.

Winner of prestigious SBID International Design Awards 2021